Nine years ago I was diagnosed with a tumor on my right ovary. The ovarian tumor was immediately removed with surgery. Three months later during a regular check-up, I was told that there was now a tumor on my left ovary and although a biopsied tumor showed that it was benign, it was recommended that I have it removed. According to the doctors, an operation was the only way to remove the ovarian tumor. Previously, I had had two cesarean operations, so was to be my fourth operation in that part of the body. That’s why I made the firm decision to try to remove the ovarian tumor naturally. I began to inquire about natural ways to eliminate it. A colleague at work gave me a herbal recipe which she had used to remove cysts from her uterus. I had nothing to lose, and I decided to try it. At the same time, I made changes to my diet and started drinking more tea. Three months later, at my next regular check-up, I was told that the tumor had gone.I encourage and urge everyone to be an active participant in his or her health and wellbeing in a truly integrative way.


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